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Kodak Document Scanners

Selecting a Document Scanner

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When looking at the below listing of Kodak Document Scanners, assume that all will scan color and offer duplex scanning (scan both front and back at the same time).

As indicated below;

  • PPM is 'Pages Per Minute'
  • PPD is 'Pages Per Day' (or Duty Cycle)
  • 2,400 sheets of paper is about 1 standard storage box
  • Suggested MSRP is USD


 ModelPPM PPDItem NumberSuggested
i1210 Plus 45 1,000 7640013131$799.00
i2400 30 3,000 7640015673$845.00
i1220 Plus 45 2,000 7640013072$1,199.00
i2600 50 4,000 7640015674$1,195.00


 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested
i1310 Plus60 4,0007640013132$1,295.00
i1320 Plus60 4,0007640013073$1,895.00
i280070 6,0007640015675$1,895.00

Low Volume

 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested
Truper 36109015,0007640013136$6,995.00
Truper 3210
(with flatbed)

Mid Volume / Production

 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested

High Volume / Production

The following scanners are for scanning paper all day long.

 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested
NGENUITY 9090 DB90 90,0007640013142$18,000.00
NGENUITY 9090 DC90 90,0007640013143$20,000.00
NGENUITY 9125125 125,0007640013144$25,000.00
NGENUITY 9150150 150,0007640013145$35,000.00

Networked and Multi-Purpose

This ScanStation500 is a multi-function networked scanner. It does not need to be tethered to a PC. It may also double as your fax machine.

 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested
ScanStation 500303,0007640014419$2,495.00

Long Papers

The i1400 series scanner is designed to facilitate long paper types such as rhythm strips and oil-well logs.

The model also does not wrap/bend the paper, instead, the paper passes straight through. This is an important distinction for those concearned about the possibility of brittle paper being torn through the paper path of a traditional scanner at high speeds.

 ModelPPMPPDItem NumberSuggested
i1405 Plus759,0007640013133$3,995.00
i1420 Plus6012,0007640013134$4,995.00
i1440 Plus7515,0007640013074$5,995.00


Above listing of document scanners subject to change in availability without notice.

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