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Data Entry - Traffic Citations

SoftFile has been providing citation processing services for a number of Courts since 2004. Our 26 years of experience with document technology and data management allows us to provide Courts with extremely accurate data and a fast turnaround. Our service will allow you to reduce your citation backlog, improve your citation data accuracy, and increase the speed of your revenue collection. Our citation processing consultants can offer you multiple options that will reduce your citation processing costs.

Our couriers pick up your citations daily from your court locations and deliver them to our main production facility. The citations are scanned by our document imaging team and the images are inspected for clarity and completeness. Our data capture services department uses customized software to capture all of the desired data from each citation. The data is then checked for accuracy by our Quality Control team. Our QC team uses a series of custom queries to ensure that the data is accurate and complete. Finally, we use a customized script to export the data into a format that can be imported into your case management system.

SoftFile's citation process will allow your court to:

  • Realize revenue from citations more quickly

  • Reduce the cost of your citation data capture

  • Expedite compliance with public access to citations

  • Facilitate faster date-setting for court dockets

  • Free staff time to make them available for other functions

  • Expedite citation data into your Case Management System

  • View citation images via web using our Online Citation Hosting System

  • Judges can now review all citation images and accompanying information from the bench

  • Eliminate frantic searches for paper citations

  • Allow other departments and agencies to access Traffic Citation data for GIS analysis

  • Reallocate court employees to other positions

Court Records Scanning Services

SoftFile has more than 26 years of experience in handling confidential documents such as court records. We can provide an affordable solution that will ensure that your vital records are converted to high-quality digital images. We will also capture the main index fields so that your staff can easily retrieve the desired digital documents.

SoftFile can also provide image viewing software, or we can format the data output so that the images and data can easily be imported into your existing document management system.

Customized Data Formats

SoftFile realizes that every court has unique ordinances, case management systems, agencies, officers, and handling instructions. We customize our software for every project so that your citations are processed according to your specifications. We format the final data output so that it can easily be bulk imported into your case management system. We can also run your custom edits against the data output prior to delivery in order to ensure a minimum number of rejected citations.

eCite Image Hosting

SoftFile can host your eCite images, as well as images or video from your traffic cameras for secure online access.