HR Solutions

HR Solutions

Successful human resource departments have long recognized that their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform is vital for processing the ever expanding volume of corporate-wide documentation faster, more efficiently and error-free.

SoftFile is the leader in document solutions for human resource departments. We continually research the newest imaging technologies.

  • Consolidate Your Applicant and Recruitment Information
    Create a secure and instantly accessible repository for incoming resumes, applications, letters of reference, interview notes, reference/background screening notes, drug screening results, and all other recruitment-related documents.

  • Manage Payroll and Time Off Documents.
    File and maintain timesheets, personnel/payroll status change forms (i.e., for salary increases, transfers, promotions), vacation/sick leave/PTO requests and hours taken, direct deposit forms, paycheck information, bonus and commission checks, W-4 forms, W-2 and 1099 forms in a discrete folder.

  • Centralize Benefits Paperwork
    Single-click retrieval lets your staff instantly view images of new benefit elections, annual open enrollment forms, flexible spending account claims and associated receipts, 401(k) elections/change forms, and COBRA elections/change forms.

  • Consolidate Leave of Absence Details
    Store worker's compensation claim information, leave of absence forms, doctor's certificates and return-to-work, and FMLA documentation.

  • Employee Relations
    Keep performance reviews, disciplinary actions, unemployment insurance claims, and harassment/discrimination claim notes in a discrete folder.

  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
    Easily retrieve images of signed documents, I-9 forms, signed policies (i.e., harassment, confidentiality agreement, and at-will statement), HIPAA compliance (maintaining health information in separate area), signed acknowledgement forms for employee handbooks, and policy manuals with just a single click.

  • Records Management
    Manage all of your personnel records using SoftFile's discrete folder and document management strategies. Provide access to the right records, by the right people, at the right time by linking your HR software application to our document and digital file management software.

Did You Know?

SoftFile has scanned more than 8 million pages of employee records.