Microfilm Scanning Services

microfilm scanning

SoftFile scans microforms (microfilm and microfiche) both 16MM and 35MM to an electronic format (commonly jpg, tif, and pdf).

Typically, there are two approaches in terms of scanning a large volume of microfilm.

One method is to scan each cartridge, reel, roll or microfiche to its own electronic directory folder. For instance, reel #199 will become folder #199. Once the end user opens that folder, the scanned images will simply be in the same order as the original microfilm reel.

Another methodology is to scan each microform (microfilm or microfiche) image and index the images accordingly. This methodology would be advantageous for importing the images into an existing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system. If your organization does not already have an ECM, SoftFile can provide such software with the service.

Aperture Card Scanning

SoftFile also offers complete aperture card scanning solutions, including the following:

  • High resolution scanning
  • Grayscale scanning
  • Hollerith code capture
  • Detailed data capture from image
For more information, please contact us and talk with one of our microfilm scanning experts.

Did You Know?

  • SoftFile has scanned hundreds of millions of microform images to an electronic format.

SoftFile Integration

SoftFile routinely integrates scanned microfilm images into various ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems including:

  • ApplicationXtender
  • Captiva
  • EMC Documentum
  • Filebound
  • Hyland OnBase
  • IBM FileNet
  • LaserFiche
  • Lexis Nexis Concordance
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL
  • OpenText Alchemy
  • OpenText Vignette
  • Oracle
  • Questys
  • Summation
  • Xerox DocuShare

If your organization needs an Enterprise Content Management system, SoftFile can consult with and help you meet your requirements.