Cloud Services

cloud document services

SoftFile offers secure, highly-redundant web hosted document management services. SoftFile offers businesses of all sizes complete control and auditing over the lifecycle of documents enabling authorized users instant access to information.

Customers that utilize SoftFile's cloud document hosting service typically:

  • Require immediate access
    (a 24/48 hour turnaround)
  • Have remote satellite offices
  • Have limited or busy IT staffing

These same customers also recognize the SoftFile's low monthly cost is far less than the in-house do-it-yourself approach considering the cost of web server hardware and maintenance (including failsafe redundancy) as well the requirement to purchase ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software including annual maintenance fees.

SoftFile's cloud document hosting software is professional-grade and designed by records management professionals. Our system allows the customer to be their own administrator, login and assign user names and passwords autonomously.

SoftFile's cloud document hosting software can be configured to allow the authorized end user to scan documents from their desktop to the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system seamlessly.

Did You Know?

  • SoftFile currently hosts more than
    80 million client images in our secure online document management software system.

Benefits of Cloud Document Hosting

  • No Software to Purchase
  • No Licensing Restrictions
  • Little IT Resources Needed
  • Unlimited User Access
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • Ultra-Secure
  • Highly-Redundant
  • No Capital Expenditure